Mobile Website of the Week: Diablo Valley College

By Meg Hughes

With the mobile market constantly changing, we will never stop learning new and exciting tips and tricks to making mobile websites. This week, we found a winning site that actually taught us a thing or two about the fundamentals of mobile web design.

Congratulations Diablo Valley College, your mobile site was top of the class and is therefore the winner of this weeks Mobile Website of the Week!

Regular Website

Mobile Website

What did we love about this Mobile Website?

Did you see the likeness of the navigation menu on the regular and mobile website? When the Dudas first saw this, we were stumped, and we loved it. You’ll be surprised at how Chrisanne, from Diable Valley College, was able to get the navigation menu from her regular website to her mobile site.

Take a few seconds and flip through each flawless page of the Diablo Valley College mobile website. We absolutely loved the design and detail of each one. It looks like Chrisanne doctored each page up through the advanced editor. Would you be surprised if I told you that she didn’t??

How was this mobile website made?

After the initial conversion, Chrisanne wanted to be sure to preserve the information and design from the regular DVC site on the mobile site. Since the navigation menu on her regular site is comprised of small images, each image transferred over with DudaMobile.

Chrisanne added links to each “image” of her navigation menu in the advanced editor.

First, she opened the advanced editor and selected a bar of the navigation menu. Under Properties on the right hand side, she selected Edit Target Page. Chrisanne selected New Page Design in the drop down menu then clicked next.

This opened up a new page which could then be edited further with the advanced editor. Chrisanne navigated between each page of her mobile website in the advanced editor through the drop down menu on the top left.

We pawed through each page of Diablo Valley College’s mobile website and couldn’t find any glitch in design or media malfunction. How was Chrisanne able to pull off making such a flawless mobile website? “The key to good mobile design is great website design. The DVC [regular] website was so simple that we had no problem converting it over”.

Except for deleting some links and a little content, Chrisanne barely touched the pages of her mobile website with the advanced editor.

We could not believe this. All of the content converted nearly perfectly onto each page of the Diablo Valley College mobile website.

Learn More about Diablo Valley College

Diablo Valley College is a California Community College located in Pleasant Hill and San Ramon. To learn more about classes, enrollment or programs offered, visit their website on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

They have a Facebook page and Twitter, so head on over and give them some love!

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