Mobile Website of the Week: Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy

By Meg Hughes

Our famous software which automatically syncs your regular website’s content to your mobile website, entices famous people to create mobile-friendly websites with us. This week we chose the winner for Mobile Website of the Week who’s mobile website packs as much punch as he does.

The Mobile Website of the Week winning title goes to a professional MMA fighter! Congratulations Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy!

Regular Website

Mobile Website

What did we like about this Mobile Website?

This mobile website is a miniature replicate of Dan’s regular website. All of the content on the regular site was transferred over to the mobile website. We compared and contrasted the two sites and found that very little content (almost none!) was deleted from the mobile website. This particular website design works well for Dan’s mobile site!

Did you see the photo album collection in the “Photos” tab? Clicking on each album reveals its photo gallery. All of Dan’s photos were properly organized just as they are in his regular website.

We also really liked how Dan’s mobile website has a live Twitter feed embedded into the home page. This is something we’ve never seen before in Duda history.

How Was this Mobile Website Made?

While Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy was busy training for his upcoming fight, his personal web designer, Elizabeth, worked hard to create this mobile website.

“I entered the URL and selected a standard template. Duda imported the site colors, so I just customized the navigation menu bars and icons accordingly.” Elizabeth included all navigation menu buttons in the mobile website.

After setting up the look and feel of the mobile site, Elizabeth went through each page and organized the content. In the Advanced Editor, she was able add a Shape Design around each photo album which helped identify one from the other. Separate albums allowed Elizabeth to display all of Dan’s photos in a more organized manner.

Because Dan’s regular website was made with WordPress, Elizabeth was able to install a widget which displays his Twitter feed.

Social media is important to Dan’s brand so it was crucial that his Twitter feed is displayed on his mobile website, just like it is on his regular site. When Elizabeth converted the site to a mobile-friendly website, the WordPress plugin was carried over with the rest of the site’s content.

Where can I learn more about Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy?

Visit Dan’s website to get more information about upcoming fights, behind the scene photos and to browse the merchandise in his online store.

Find him on Facebook, Twitter and watch his interviews and past fights on YouTube.

You Could be Next Week’s Mobile Website of the Week Winner!

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