Mobile Website of the Week: Cafe Asia

By Stephen Alemar

Thank goodness it’s Friday everyone! And what better way to celebrate the weekend than by unveiling our Mobile Website of the Week? Though we received many great submissions, there can only be one. So hats off to our friends at Café Asia in the UK; congratulations for creating a website that’s both visually appealing and incredibly user-friendly.

We like it because: The design of Café Asia’s mobile website mimics the style of the restaurant; it’s simple and clean. The featured photos of the restaurant’s food are also very easy on the eyes. But above all, our favorite feature on the site is its sub-navigational menu. We don’t know about you guys, but when we’re out on the town and craving some Orange Chicken, alternating between scrolls and zoom-ins on our mobile phones just to get through half the menu can get pretty tiresome.

Mobile friendly features they’re using: As we said earlier, we’re digging the sub-navigation for the menu; it’s something we rarely see on most restaurants’ mobile sites.

The restaurant added a nice touch by including “parking” listed on the homepage for its in-house customers. Like most of our mobile sites, Café Asia uses the Click-To-Call feature, but in this case, it’s offered for both takeout and dining in options, which means customers ordering to go don’t have to be put on hold while the cashier is busy ringing someone else up.

Quick thoughts: There’s something to be said about Café Asia’s minimalist approach to making their mobile site. Quality is much more powerful than quantity in the mobile world, and keeping your site short, sweet, and to the point will make the biggest impression on your users. As consumers are relying more and more on their mobile phones, it’s important for restaurants to maintain a strong web presence through services like Yelp or Google Places, but most importantly, with their own sites.

Thanks again for all the great submissions this week! If you want to learn more about repurposing your website for mobile, check out our previous post on why restaurants need mobile sites. And if you’re hanging around the East Bay next week, be sure to check out what Dennis Mink, DudaMobile’s Chief Communications Office, has to say about creating a mobile site that works to help you grow your customer base at Constant Contact’s Apps and Apps event in Oakland on Thursday, April 25th. Have a great weekend.


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