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Content Blockers and What They Mean for Web Designers

iOS 9 was released a few weeks ago and iPhone users are flocking to the update (Over 50% adoption rate as of Oct. 6.) One of the most talked about features in this release is the support of content blockers, and this has stirred up a lot of controversy. In this post, I hope to…

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DudaMobile Named to AlwaysOn Global 250 Companies to Watch

We’ve got some exciting news to share; DudaMobile was named by AlwaysOn to the Global 250 Companies to Watch! Inclusion in the in this prestigious list of companies signifies leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players. DudaMobile was specially selected by the AlwaysOn editorial…

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2012 Year in Review: Duda’s Greatest Moments

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been a while since I last updated you on DudaMobile, and as the year is coming to an end, I thought it would be a great opportunity to look back and reflect on all the great things that happend this year. 2012 was an amazing year for DudaMobile in many…

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OpenTable Gives Restaurants Free Mobile Websites – Using Duda!

I love food. More importantly, I love dining out. From Afghani and Eritrean to burgers and bistros, I enjoy the entire experience of dining at great restaurants…down to the last bite. But one thing I don’t enjoy is arriving at my restaurant of choice to discover a long queue, or, worse yet, no availability at…

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Forbes: Does Your Gas Station Have A Mobile Site?

DudaMobile talked to about why all small businesses, including gas stations, need a mobile-friendly website. Reporter Gene Marks, who also owns a consulting firm geared toward helping small businesses grow, writes that even he was surprised when he discovered that his local gas station has a mobile-friendly website. Read the full story here: Well,…

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Infographic: Mobile Site vs. Mobile App

Just because “Apps” is the buzzword doesn’t necessarily mean that every business needs one. Often times, a mobile website does the trick. But, sometimes, a business needs both. An infographic featured on Mashable aims to answer the question: Which should you build first? This very question was answered earlier this week by members of a…

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Infographic: The Mobile Leaders

Last week, we reported on the leaders of the mobile movement. These are the small- and medium-sized businesses that saw the need to create mobile-friendly websites early on. In this infographic that was originally published by Mashable, Duda introduced the Mobile Movement Leaderboard. The leaderboard shows that the restaurant and food industry is embracing the mobile…

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DudaMobile Talks to GigaOm

DudaMobile CMO Dennis Mink chatted with GigaOm about business trends we’re seeing in mobile. The story, published today, dove into why mom and pop shops just love mobile and how they’re benefiting from this new-ish way to connect with their customers. Read the full story.