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Making the Most of Your Duda Site Stats

Site stats are really important for showing the value of a site to a customer. Data can reveal information about site conversions and successes. It can also show site tendencies and weaknesses that can be used as a roadmap for making improvements.

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NEW! Duda Is Now Available in the WHMCS Marketplace

Over the last year, Duda made some big news in the hosting industry (check out this partnership announcement between Duda and UOL, Brazil’s largest internet company), and we’re excited to say that we are about to make a bit more. We have officially launched a new Duda plugin in the WHMCS Marketplace to make selling…

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Duda’s Image Picker: More Than Meets the Eye

Duda’s new Image Picker is richer, more powerful and more flexible than before. Not only does it include millions of free images and GIFs, it also enables direct access to premium images from Shutterstock, and includes handy management tools like easy image renaming, folder creation, and more.

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How to Correctly Utilize Duda’s 3 Support Portals

Managing your clients’ websites is a great and fulfilling job, but you may find yourself designing sites when Duda’s chat, email and phone support are unavailable. Or you might run into the issue where your client is creating their own site but has questions about the different types of widgets that are offered. Where are…

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Maximizing Your DudaPro Tools: Users & Permissions

Now that you’ve purchased your DudaPro subscription and have all these great tools at your disposal, how do you use them to your greatest benefit? What do you do with the power to delegate at your fingertips? Grant permissions to divide and conquer, of course.

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Duda Adds New Mapbox Integration To Its Platform

If you’ve ever tried to get somewhere you’ve never been before, you know how important it is to have a good map. And while maps have certainly changed over time – from unwieldy paper maps that are nearly impossible to fold correctly into sleek on-screen images that you can navigate around with your fingers –…

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Duda and the Year For Speed at the WHD Conference

The topic of website speed is nothing new to those of us who have been in this industry for some time. However, this theme has made a comeback over the past few months. The subject of mobile speed has been brought into focus, in particular, and is now front and center in the resurgence of talk about page…

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10 Incredible Stats and Facts You Need to Know about PageSpeed

Duda has been making a bit of a splash in the website builder industry this month as we are now the only Google Preferred Website Builder tackling PageSpeed head on. With all the backend dev work and tireless hours spent in building an even better platform for our DudaPros and Partners, we’re happy to announce…