How to Sell Amazon-esque Website Personalization to Your SMB Customers

By Stephen Alemar

untitled-design-1When it comes to the fine art of converting customers on the web, it’s pretty much-settled science that the more personalized you can make an online experience, the more likely website visitors are to become paying customers.

In fact, simple acts of website personalization can lead to as much as a 70 percent jump in conversion rate.

Of course, this begs the question, “What is the best way to add real-time personalization to my service?” Glad you asked. Let’s dive into that question, shall we?

First, A Short Recap Of How We Got Here

We can’t ever really know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been. Since the dawn of websites, we’ve constantly made improvements, moving from basic online blogs that looked halfway decent on a desktop to incredible responsive designs that work perfectly on all devices in just a short time.

This is an important point. Now that the vast majority of the industry has switched over to building websites that are natively responsive, we can all stop worrying so much about if a site works on desktop, tablet and mobile, and start focusing on turning these websites from static online billboards to dynamic, customer conversion machines.

Make no mistake, going responsive to make sure your customers have mobile-friendly websites is still very important. It’s just not the only thing that’s important.

So We’ve All Gone Responsive. Now What?

Now that responsive web design is the industry standard, solutions providers need to find other ways to define their service and stand out from the competition. One way to do this is to incorporate real-time website personalization into your offering.

Yes, website personalization. The same kind of tech wizardry that Amazon uses to create individualized, conversion-driving user experiences can be added to your customers’ websites.

That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Just like with responsive design, the democratization of technology has made it possible to implement this powerful conversion tool on your SMB customers’ websites. Costs have come down and this once gated feature is now available to the masses. However, this, of course, doesn’t mean you need to provide this service for free just to stay competitive. On the contrary, website personalization is highly valuable and makes for a perfect upsell at a premium price.

So the only question is, “how should you choose to accomplish this task?”

There are essentially two approaches digital publishers can take to incorporate website personalization into their service.

Your options are:

  • Add-On SaaS Products
  • Built-In Tools in a CMS or Website Builder

“But what about custom coding?” you may ask. That’s not a scalable option, and you know it. Stop thinking that way — you’re better than that.

Add-On SaaS v. Integrated Website Builder

Choosing between a SaaS product and an entirely new CMS or website builder is not always a straightforward decision. Cost, onboarding process, customer communication and any form of required training must be taken into consideration before deciding on a way forward.

For example, SaaS platforms often have integration challenges with your existing website builder or CMS, and you’ll have to deal with the inherent logistical issue of having your team work with multiple platforms. Not ideal.

In comparison, a website building platform with natively built-in personalization tools offers a streamlined and straightforward way to provide your customers with this advanced feature. A proprietary all-in-one system also has the advantage of having uniform product and security updates. In other words, everything updates at once, so you don’t have to worry about your CMS and website personalization tools ever breaking apart and causing problems.

Website Personalization Works for You & Your Customers

Business partnership meeting. Picture businessmans handshake. Successful businessmen handshaking after good deal. Horizontal, blurred

As previously pointed out, website personalization is proven to add an incredible amount of value to your SMB customers’ websites. After all, everyone reacts more favorably to a personal experience. “The customer is always right,” is a credo we should all, at this point, live by.

Of course, the more value you provide, the more you can charge. Website personalization makes for an excellent upsell or cross-sell, but the exact strategy on how to provide it depends on your workflow and model of your agency.

Here are just a couple examples of ways Duda partners have benefited from offering website personalization:

  • Australian-based agency, The Camel, offers website personalization as a part of a “customer attraction program” and reaches out to its client-base on a monthly basis to offer this service as an ongoing upsell.
  • WebAct, a web design agency in Colorado, uses built-in website personalization tools to help run a variety of marketing campaigns for their customers using specialized URLs that can be created with just a few clicks inside the editor.

To learn more about how website personalization can help boost your agency’s bottom line, reach out start a DudaPro trial today or reach out to one of our partner managers via

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