Following a Year of Immense Worldwide Growth, Website Builder Duda Opens London Office

By Stephen Alemar

image02London, United Kingdom — In the wake of 200% year-over-year growth of responsive websites created on its platform, Silicon Valley-based website builder, Duda has opened a new office in London to help further the company’s expansion into the region and support high-volume partners in EMEA and around the globe.

Google veteran Roger De’Ath, previously responsible for Enterprise Sales and Digital Transformation across Europe, has also joined Duda as its new VP of European Business Development to run the new office.

“Since partnering with a variety of leading European digital providers, including 123-Reg, ItaliaOnline, Yell, DomainFactory, MijnDomein, Softec, Yellow Pages Egypt, Yellow Pages Turkey, and others, we felt it was important to put more resources on the ground in the region,” said Alan Keller, Chief Revenue Officer at Duda.

Keller credits much of the company’s success in winning these partnerships to Duda’s focus on building innovative tools that enable both Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me service providers to create websites faster than ever, while incorporating advanced features, such as website personalization, that make for smarter SMB websites, which in turn drive more conversions.

“Duda’s platform has dramatically decreased the amount of time it takes for our team to produce beautiful, high-quality, business-driving websites for our customers,” said Antonio Converti, CEO of Italia Online, Italy’s #1 internet company and largest digital solutions provider for SMBs.

Everything from designing a site layout, to including features like click-to-call, to installing an SSL certificate has become much easier and more efficient for our team.”

DIY web solutions providers have also benefited from Duda’s easy-to-use platform and industry-leading tools. “We partnered with Duda because we felt they offered the best website building experience and most innovative technology on the market,” said Kate Cox, CMO of the UK’s #1 domain registrar, 123-Reg. “In particular, the platform’s built-in website personalization tools have been of tremendous value to our SMB customers, resulting in higher levels of engagement and customer conversion than we’ve ever seen.”

This adoption has correlated with an incredible increase in total visits to sites built on the Duda platform with a 361 percent jump in unique European visitors since last year. This growth accounted for a 534 percent increase in business-driving engagement and conversion actions.

“The company has seen tremendous growth since the beginning of 2016,” said Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda. “We now have more than 9 million websites hosted on the platform and we’re working with an incredibly diverse range of companies around the globe. It’s a very exciting time for Duda and we are very much looking forward to 2017 and beyond.”

image00To support the company’s momentum in EMEA, Duda has also brought on a team of regionally-based customer success specialists and localized its platform for eleven languages including:

  • English (US)
  • English (UK)
  • Spanish (Latin America
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish  
  • Indonesian

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