Duda’s Third Act – Embedding Websites with Intelligence

By Itai Sadan

Today’s release marks a milestone day at Duda and the beginning of our third act. Our mission at Duda has always been to help SMBs succeed by providing them with the tools that make them better and with the launch of inSite and DudaPro today, we’re taking that promise to the next level.



Act One – The Mobile Web

We started out in early 2010 with the launch of DudaMobile, our mobile-only site builder, which converts any website to a mobile-friendly site in seconds. DudaMobile has been widely adopted with over 5 million sites built on it to date. Just in the last 6 month Duda has generated for its business customers over 6 million phone calls, 2.5 million clicks for step-by-step directions to a business and over 1 million clicks on our reservation widget.

Act Two – The Responsive Web

As you may know, at Duda we never rest. We’re always on the lookout for how we can continue to innovate and offer more products and services to help our customers. The mobile market has evolved quite a bit since we started Duda. Today, mobile goes beyond phones – our GPS devices connect to the Internet and wearables like Google Glass have built in browsers. This makes it practically impossible for an SMB to build a site for every device. So earlier this year, we launched DudaOne, a fully responsive website builder that creates beautiful websites that work on all devices. DudaOne has seen great adoption and is being used today by SMBs, the professionals that serve them and some of the biggest web development agencies in the world.

Act Three – The Personalized Web

Duda’s third act, which starts today, takes web design into a new era; an era where static websites become dynamic, intelligent and personalized. We call it, inSite. Unique to DudaOne, inSite enables any site owner to create dynamic content based on a visitor’s specific situation.

So what is the excitement all about you may ask? First of all, personalization is important for any business. A recent survey conducted by Econsultancy shows that 94 percent of companies believe that personalized content is critical to current and future business success.

Let me give you an example: say you’re a restaurant owner and a visitor is coming to your site during lunch time. Wouldn’t it be best to show them the lunch menu? On the other hand, let’s say it is evening and a visitor to your website is 10 miles away from the restaurant. Wouldn’t you want to show them the dinner menu and perhaps a $10 coupon to lure him in?

This is what inSite is all about: showing your visitors the immediate information they are looking for. There are a lot of other inSite scenarios that we cover and you can even build your own inSites, read more about it here.

This is the first time that a DIY website builder is offering its users the ability to create personalized dynamic content. Up until now, these types of technologies were only available to large enterprises and big brands with huge budgets and development resources. You no longer need to be an Amazon-sized company to create personalized content. From today on, any DudaOne Business+ user has unlimited access to inSite. For our Free and Business plan users, you have a free 30-day trial to test out inSite and decide if this is something that could benefit your business.

All of our partners have unlimited access to DudaOne inSite under their DudaPro account. Consolidation of our two partner programs, DudaDesign and DudaWhite, into a single new plan, DudaPro, is also a very big part of this release and entails a lot of exciting features focusing on the web professionals that serve SMBs (here is a separate post by Kemp detailing all the features that are part of the release). As a company, we have made a strategic decision to deeply invest in the web professionals that use our platform, and I’m sure they will see that in today’s release and as we move into the future.

Thank you all for your great support and please share any feedback that you have. I’m always grateful when people take the time to share with me their experience of using Duda.




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