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Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that your boss is anything but, well, a boss. Kind of like when you were a kid and you would run into your teacher at the grocery store. You were like Whoa, you shop for groceries?

It turns out that our executives lead pretty active lives outside of DudaMobile…grocery shopping and all. Our co-founder and CTO Amir Glatt has watched The Big Lebowski at least a dozen times, and those Steve Jobs keynotes…yup…he’s seen them all.

Another interesting Amir tidbit is that he wasn’t always a computer geek. He didn’t discover his passion for technology until he was studying at Ben Gurion University in Israel, where he learned how to hack. (The legal kind, of course.)

But before he started totally geeking out at DudaMobile, Amir spent a lot of time traveling the world. Some of his favorite places: New Zealand, Nepal, India and Bali. I sat down with Amir to be a little nosey and find out more about his life outside of DudaMobile.

Jenn: We already know that you haven’t always been a “computer geek,” as you called it! But have you always known that you wanted to start your own company?

Amir: Actually, yes! I always dreamt about starting my own company and building great products that people would love to use. Even when I worked in a large company before founding Duda, I always looked for ways to be an entrepreneur within the enterprise. Once I moved to Silicon Valley in 2007, it became clear to me that this is what I wanted to do in my life. I remember watching the live demos of TechCrunch40 Conference 2007 for startups and thought to myself: “This is so cool!”

Jenn: What gets you most excited about coming into work everyday? 

Amir: I love working with our awesome team on all the new great stuff we have in our pipeline. I always want to get to our next launch date and see how the new features we were working on is being used by so many people and businesses around the globe. I take extra pleasure navigating around Google Analytics to discover that our product is being used in places I’ve never heard of before like Burkina Faso or Saint Kitts. But what makes me really excited is getting great feedback from our customers. It puts a big smile on my face every time I read a customer inquiry that starts with “We love Duda!”

Jenn: If you hadn’t decided to make websites mobile for a living, what on earth would you be doing?

Amir: I would be an FC Barcelona soccer player kicking Messi out of the opening squad. Dream on…I would probably just watch Soccer games on TV all day long. 🙂

(Nice legs, Amir!)

Jenn: When you’re not playing the role of company co-founder and CTO – as if you have time for anything else – how do you spend your time?

Amir: You’re dead on, I don’t have much time left, unfortunately. I try to spend all my spare time with my adorable 3-year-old girl, my wife, family and friends.

Jenn: You’ve lived in both Israel and the U.S. Tell us how working and living in Tel Aviv is different than in the Bay Area.

Amir: It’s much more humid and hot in Tel Aviv! It’s been around 95 degrees for over two months now. I really miss the chilly nights of San Francisco! Both areas have amazing startup communities, but in the Bay Area, you do feel closer to where things are really happening. Having said that, Tel Aviv is a very special city, a city that never sleeps. It’s not uncommon to go out at two in the morning and find the streets full of people having fun and all the restaurants still open. Trying to have dinner outside at 11 p.m. in Palo Alto on a weekday is a different story.

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