Duda and the Year For Speed at the WHD Conference

By Amir Glatt

The topic of website speed is nothing new to those of us who have been in this industry for some time. However, this theme has made a comeback over the past few months. The subject of mobile speed has been brought into focus, in particular, and is now front and center in the resurgence of talk about page speed.

While it may seem like the topic is just more of the same information we’ve heard before, here at Duda, we’ve been following this trail long enough to come to a rather resolute conclusion:

2017 will be the year of speed.

In fact, this was the title of a presentation that I gave recently at World Hosting Day Global in Germany.

Along with Joost Van Rooy of MijnDomein, we explained why we believe page speed will be more important than ever this year, and showed compelling evidence that supports our findings.

Duda at WHD: 2017 is the year for Speed from Duda on Vimeo.

Recent studies by Google and others have shown that 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. And, although we know people want sites that load quickly, most websites take more than 10 seconds to fully render on mobile devices.

How does this affect websites and business owners? In short, it impacts income.


Daniel An, Global Product Lead with Google, recently went on the record stating that “Speed equals revenue.” 

Many studies have shown this to be true.


For every second a site takes to load, there is a 7% drop in conversion on SMB websites.

Since most sites take an average of 10 seconds to render, site owners may see a dip of 70% or more in conversions.

In other words, SMBs with slow loading websites can take quite a hit, as potential customers may leave their sites to find other sites that fill their expectations for a better user experience.

How Duda Took On The PageSpeed Issue and Helped MijnDomein

At Duda, we believe that better page speed is an integral part of a successful online presence. Everyone wants faster websites, and since this is important to so many people, it is important for us, too.

We reengineered our platform to make it fully optimized for better page speed on both desktop and mobile.



Now, every Duda responsive website is automatically optimized to achieve a lightning-fast load time within 30 seconds of being published. Most sites have a Google PageSpeed score in the high 80s. Many score much higher.

One of our Partners, MijnDomein (a large hosting company in the Netherlands), was ready and willing to promote the updated platform to current and prospective clients.

After testing sites for themselves to see if our page speed was on par with what we said, MijnDomein discovered that 8 out of the 10 sites they tested scored an average of 85, with most scoring much higher on the Google PageSpeed Test.

With this new feature of better speed, MijnDomein has been able to add new marketing messages to help them acquire new customers, and to encourage users on their legacy website builder to move to the new platform in order to provide a better overall product and service.

By focusing on page speed, and as the only website builder on the market today that has tackled this specific problem head on, we were able to provide our partners, including MijnDomein, with a feature they can market in order to grow their business, while providing an even better product for end users.

Presented at WHD and meeting others in the hosting and internet industry was a fun and exciting experience. Many of the people with whom we spoke had many questions about Duda’s platform and migration services.

If you are a hosting company and want to learn more about Duda, feel free to explore our Services page or read our recent Migration Whitepaper.


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