Duda Adds New Mapbox Integration To Its Platform

By Shoshana Brickman

If you’ve ever tried to get somewhere you’ve never been before, you know how important it is to have a good map. And while maps have certainly changed over time – from unwieldy paper maps that are nearly impossible to fold correctly into sleek on-screen images that you can navigate around with your fingers – their importance certainly hasn’t decreased.

In fact, maps may be more important than ever these days, as the internet enables people to learn about places that are totally out of their neck of the woods. Making website maps handy, accessible, and easy on the eyes is crucial for helping people find their way to a website’s brick-and-mortar location.

Think about it. There’s no point in having an amazing restaurant website if you don’t make it easy for website visitors to reach in person. Ditto for a specialty ice cream shop, a physiotherapy clinic, a home accessory store and more. Sure, people can do a whole lot of stuff online, but when it comes to visiting a place in person, a good map is crucial. This is especially true on mobile sites, by the way, since people on the go really don’t have time for bad maps.  

Maps on Your Duda Site – Ready, Set, Go!

Maps are an essential part of many Duda websites, and they have been for years. We’re happy to announce that we recently improved all of our map-based widgets by integrating with Mapbox, an open source location platform designed especially for developers and designers. Mapbox allows for easy integration into mobile and online applications and is highly adaptable to new map designs and layouts. It also allows for a great user experience, flexible designs, and global coverage. Here’s how:

Great user experience

Mapbox is built on vector maps, an advanced approach to mapping where data is delivered to the device and precisely rendered in real-time. This means your website maps appear quickly and smoothly, for maximum satisfaction to your website visitors.

Flexible design

Mapbox enables you to do a lot more than just show your business location. It also allows for great customizations. This means that we, at Duda, can create a variety of cool layouts, and you can use them to create gorgeous maps. A few examples of what’s possible with Mapbox? Enhanced styles and layouts, step-by-step directions with real-time traffic, map overlaps and more.


Here’s a Mapbox map in Duda’s default design.



Here’s a Mapbox map featuring a black and gray overlay.

Worldwide coverage and data quality

Having a map that’s not up to date is about as handy as having an empty carton of milk in the fridge. In other words, not handy at all (especially if you’ve already poured the cereal). That’s why the community that contributes to Mapbox is such an asset. Mapbox maps are updated with real-time probe data and edited by 2.5 million mappers in OpenStreetMap. This means new roads, buildings, and other mapped elements are updated regularly, all over the world. Mapbox has a dedicated data team that tracks updates and actively contributes.

You’ll find Mapbox already appears in every Duda mapping widget and in every Duda site. This includes Duda responsive websites, mobile-only websites, and website personalizations. It is in use in the map widget, multi-location widget, business information section of the content library and the location trigger.

We’re happy to see Mapbox on all of our sites, and we hope you are too. Most of all, we hope it gets your customers to your doorstep, quickly and smoothly.

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