We’re Changing to Duda.co

By Itai Sadan


As many of you probably remember, several years ago we changed our name from DudaMobile to Duda and rebranded our company as a responsive web design platform. We’ve made a lot of changes and updates throughout the process, and today, we are happy to check off the final item on our list — our domain name.

For the last several years, we have wanted to make this update to our company, but have never been able to secure the domain we really wanted. Unfortunately, the folks who own duda.com were not open to selling it to us. So we settled on the second best option, and went with duda.co, (which is even one character shorter!).


Duda’s transformation started in 2014 when we moved from being a mobile-only site builder to a fully responsive website builder. We initially started by changing our logo and switching all references to our company from DudaMobile to Duda. And to finish things off, as of today, the new address of our home is duda.co.


What does any of this mean to you? Honestly, not a lot. You will simply see that the URL of our website, the editor and emails coming from us, all under the new duda.co domain. Everything else stays exactly the same. We remain the same Duda that you’ve grown to rely on for building amazing websites for your customers. We just live at a new address.




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