Case Study: A Veterinarian Finds Success With Click-to-Text

By Stephen Alemar
Windmill Animal Hospital leverages the mobile web to enter and dominate their market.

Their success with DudaMobile:

  • Average of 50 calls per month from their mobile website.

  • Able to better prioritize incoming customer inquiries via Click-to-Text.

  • Witnessed explosive growth due to implementation of mobile web practices that led Windmill vet to surpass their 6-year business plan in 3 months.

The Opportunity

Web developer, Dale Price and his wife, veterinarian Dr. Janice Price, moved to Abilene, TX, with the intention of retiring. However, soon the couple decided they wanted to go back into business and opened a brand new practice, Windmill Animal Hospital. After doing a fair amount of research into the competition, they discovered the best way to separate themselves from the pack was to invest in new technologies and business practices, including creating a mobile website.

Discovering Duda

“I originally was going to try and build our mobile site all on my own,” says Mr. Price. “But doing all the coding and everything myself was really time consuming and just not worth the effort. So, I started looking for another solution.” After weighing all the options, Price settled on using DudaMobile to create a mobile version of Windmill’s existing desktop website. This not only saved him a lot of time and effort, but led Price to the realization that his new mobile website could open up an entirely different and more efficient way of communicating with clients. “Click-to-Text was something I’d definitely never thought about, and I don’t know of any other vet that has even tried communicating with their customers in this way, but it seemed like a great idea.” Price not only added the feature to the homepage of his mobile site, he set up a whole new cell phone line for his receptionists to specifically handle the incoming messages.

The Results

Windmill Animal Hospital’s mobile website is now receiving over 750 customer visits and generating more than 50 calls to the business every month. The Click-to-Text feature has also proved to be tremendously popular. “People treat their pets as part of the family. They want to be able to reach us quickly and easily no matter where they are, and our mobile site allows them to do just that,” Price says. “People love being able to text us to see if Fluffy is ready to come home, or if their prescription is ready. This also allows our receptionists to prioritize responses, and get back to our customers in a timely manner. It’s worked out great for everybody.”

Though still relatively young, Windmill Animal Hospital has become greatly successful. “Our practice has experienced incredibly rapid growth,” says Price. “We went off our 6-year business plan in about 3 months, and our mobile site has definitely been a big part of that.”

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