Build a Mobile Website, Right From Your Mobile Phone

By Meg Hughes

We’ve really out done ourselves this time. Yesterday we announced our brand new DudaMobile mobile website that allows you to build a mobile site right from your phone!

Simply visit from your phone, enter the URL of the site you wish to convert, and use the easy Duda mobile controls to edit and customize straight from your phone.

Here’s How it Works

Go Forth and Go Mobile!

No more excuses of why you don’t have a mobile website. We really can’t make creating a mobile website any easier. Email me at, tweet me at @dudamobile or contact me on facebook if you want to brag about your DudaMobile mobile website.

About Meg Hughes

Megan Hughes is a Project Associate at Duda in the Palo Alto office. She spends the majority of her time reminding the marketing team what assets they owe to the partner sales team, and vice versa, bringing order and productivity to the Dudaverse. If she doesn't show up to the office for a few days, she is generally assumed to be volunteering somewhere in Africa.
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