BIA/Kelsey Webinar: Mobile Local Media’s Top 10 Trends

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Earlier this week, BIA/Kelsey conducted a webinar on the top trends in mobile local media. The analysts talked about how mobile ad revenues are taking off, how local dominates the mobile ad space and how mobile and social naturally intersect. But the trend that really made me perk up was BIA/Kelsey’s assertion that the mobile web is entering its adolescence.

What this means for businesses: The mobile web is quickly growing up…so should you.

During the webinar, the experts talked about the need for businesses to catch up to the popularity of the mobile web, and they believe this is the year that it will happen. Currently, less than 10% of small- and medium-sized businesses have a mobile-friendly website, but more than 50% of Americans own a smartphone and are browsing the mobile web.

The disparity between consumer and business is going to fade as more businesses begin to address the needs of their customers with a mobile website. At Duda, we have ringside seats to witness this change.

At the beginning of January, we hit a big milestone: 1 million mobile websites were built on our platform. Since then, we’ve seen a growth of more than 140,000 mobile sites per month and currently have more than 1.7 million sites on our platform. Indeed, the mobile web is growing up.

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