Attract New Customers with a Killer Portfolio: Webinar with Shutterstock

By Shoshana Brickman

blog_feature_350x350In the world of website building, the issue of images is sometimes placed by the wayside. When it’s time for a website to go live, the images you have may not be as amazing as they could be. Perhaps the images you got from your customers aren’t up to par. Maybe the free images you’ve chosen aren’t great (or maybe they are so great that they already appear in dozens of other sites).

You could find yourself stuck going live with a website that contains mediocre images. Not only is this bad for your customers, but it’s bad for you too. After all, the websites you build are a reflection of your business. They are part of your portfolio and when your portfolio is terrific, it’s easier to attract and impress new customers.

You’re invited to a special joint webinar that’s all about images. We’ll be teaming up with Disha Harjani from Shutterstock to talk about how to use amazing images to improve your websites game and build a killer portfolio.

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If you would like to know more about the webinar, read on.


First Impressions Matter

Sometimes, first impressions are the ONLY impressions you’ll get. So it is really important that the images you use for your websites are ones visitors will relate to. This means the images should be in good resolution, they should communicate the right values and should be relatable.

Bringing Your Customers On Board

Of course, knowing that professional images are important isn’t always enough; you have to convince your clients that images matter too.

After all, they are the ones who need to supply you with professional images of their products (for example, if it’s a restaurant or clothing store) or approve a budget for purchasing images. In short, having your customers on board with your image strategy is important in making it all happen.

Great Images, Great Websites

If anyone knows the value of great images, it’s the people at Shutterstock. The company is the world’s leading provider of stock images, with more than 149 million royalty-free images available for purchase.

We’re happy to invite you to a joint webinar with special guest Disha Harjani from Shutterstock. We’ll talk about the value of a good image and discuss how using good images in your websites is key for creating a killer portfolio that brings you new customers.

Among other things, we’ll be talking about:

  • The qualities of a top-notch portfolio
  • Using images to improve your websites
  • Creating a portfolio strategy to bring new customers

We’re looking forward to learning a lot from this webinar, so don’t miss your chance to tune in.

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