How to Correctly Utilize Duda’s 3 Support Portals

By Martin Okamura

support_portal_350x350Managing your clients’ websites is a great and fulfilling job, but you may find yourself designing sites when Duda’s chat, email and phone support are unavailable. Or you might run into the issue where your client is creating their own site but has questions about the different types of widgets that are offered. Where are the answers? In Duda’s support portal, of course!

What are Duda’s 3 Support Portals?

Did you know that Duda has a support portal with over 500 articles concerning the responsive website builder, mobile-only builder and more? We maintain this database of articles to help you start your responsive site, publish it to the web, and set up your custom domain.

This knowledge-base is available in three different forms:

Let us go over our 3 support resources and what they offer.

Duda’s Support Portal

Are you a beginner using the website builder? Check out Duda’s New Responsive Website Builder Walkthrough! Maybe you are an advanced user that implements and troubleshoots custom code. Visit the Troubleshooting Custom Code documentation to see what steps you can take to fix the issue. Interested in changing the navigation design or properties on your site? The Navigation and SubNavigation solve your issues. All of this is available in Duda’s support portal.

If you’re unfamiliar with Duda’s main support portal, think of it as a comprehensive manual to the website builder and other features that we offer. The support portal is built like a library; there is documentation on each feature and widget in the builder. Our articles have step-by-step instructions in order to install widgets on your site, adjust settings for SSL, SEO, and analytics and take your site live. The support portal is always present for every part of the site building process, so you don’t need to rely on phone, email and chat support when you’re having an issue; you can refer to the documentation first.

The support portal isn’t just a manual for the website builder; it also contains resources for the following features:

Troubleshooting Portaltrouble_shooting_2

With the massive amount of information supplied on our support portal, you may get lost and feel like you’re wandering in the Library of Alexandria, frantically searching for lost knowledge. That’s why we have the troubleshooting portal as well. The troubleshooting feature acts as the librarian of the support portal – pointing you in the direction that you need to go.

The troubleshooting guide is available 24/7, which is perfect for when you run into trouble during those midnight editing sessions. While our troubleshooting feature will tell you about common solutions related problems that occur when building and editing your site, it’s similar to an automated answering machine and may not have the information available to answer your questions.

White Label Support Portal


Through the DudaPro subscription, we provide you with a platform to start your own website building company centered around your own branding. Yet, you may be confused about how to communicate instructions and website builder information to your customers. How do you share Duda branded support knowledge with your users? Do you need to create your own support portal and documentation?

Chill out, dudes; we have the white labeled support portal available for all of your clients to access. It is found on the Sales Collateral page of the Resource Center and in every white labeled Dashboard.
Use the white labeled support portal to give your users non-Duda branded resources. If your customers are designing their own sites, they have access to the portal even when you’re unavailable, without Duda references! Everything in Duda’s support portal is also found in the white label portal with the exception of account and billing information and any resources specific to DudaPro resellers. It’s a great way to scale up your company and cut down on support time!

Duda’s support portal is hosted on the domain “”. Since Duda creates, maintains and updates all white labeled articles, you cannot add your own domain to the support portal. It is possible to create your own; however, we advise against this since you would need an external site or database to house your customized support portal, which costs additional time and resources you can save by using the white label support portal.

With these three support tools at your fingertips, you’re ready to create amazing sites for you and your customers!

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