4 Small Business Website Trends to Expect in 2015

By Josh Brost

Web-trends-2015Here at Duda, we live and breathe the world of small business websites. And, since our platform hosts an awful lot of them, over 5 million in fact, we tend to have a pretty good idea of where the world of web design is headed. As 2014 comes to a close, we thought we’d give you a quick look at what small business website trends we expect to see next year.

A Move to Responsive Design

While responsive web design certainly isn’t brand new, in 2015 I’m willing to bet we’re about to see a lot more small businesses move to responsive websites. The reason for this is two-fold: First, according to a recent survey by Duda, 50 percent of small business owners in the US say they don’t even have a website. In the next year, a large number of those SMBs will finally jump on board and realize they can no longer survive without one. When they do, the vast majority will choose responsive web design since it makes sense to have a single site that works across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Second, there are quite a few small businesses out there whose sites are simply old and outdated. While these businesses understood the importance of having a mobile-friendly site years ago, and achieved this using a dedicated mobile site (m.domain.com), many of them will choose to build a brand new site in 2015 – and when they do, they’ll choose a single responsive website that works across all devices.

Personalized Content

It’s been no secret to companies like Amazon and Netflix that website personalization – web content that adapts itself to the individual user – increases sales and improves customer satisfaction. In 2015, you can expect these sorts of tailored website experiences to become the norm, even among small business sites.

94 percent of companies say that personalized content is critical to business success and with affordable, easy-to-use tools such as Duda’s inSite hitting the market, you can expect to see website personalization gain major traction throughout the coming year.

Laser Focus on SEO

One of the number one rules in business is that people have to know about you, and today most consumers turn to search engines to find the products and services they need. In the past, we’ve seen enterprises expend huge resources to ensure they rank well in search, and in 2015 you can expect that trend to become commonplace in the SMB market as well.

Since most SMBs lack the substantial budget and resources of their big-box competitors, you can expect them to be looking for expert advice and creative solutions to ensure they’ll show up on the first page of Google. This will create even more opportunity for local SEO, content and digital marketing firms, as well as provide additional service offering opportunities for website resellers.

Eye on Analytics

You’ve heard the term “Business Intelligence,” right? It’s basically a nebulous term that means looking at raw data and turning it into actionable information to meet business objectives. Again, this is an area where enterprises have led the charge, but is rife for small businesses to make strides.

Throughout the next year, expect small businesses to become increasingly savvy when it comes to their website analytics, and basing business decisions on them. Web professionals can expect their small business customers to ask about site visits, devices types, location and engagement. What’s more, small businesses will be looking for – no, they’ll be expecting – advice on how to optimize their sites and increase conversions based on these data points.

These are just four of the main trends we expect to see in the coming year. Let us know in the comments section what you think of our list, or what you would add.

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