4 Advanced Integration Ideas for Duda’s Widget Builder

By Erik Kosnar

Duda’s responsive editor offers a lot of built-in functionality. At the same time, we live in a world where customization is king. That’s where Duda’s Widget Builder comes in. It can be used to create simple widgets, such as accordion menus or custom image sliders, or widgets that are much more advanced.

Some of the integrations your clients want can simply be added as an HTML/CSS code snippet in our HTML widget. However, there may be cases when you want to achieve more advanced functionality or interface customization. Duda’s Widget Builder is key for doing some really powerful things in the platform. Here are some strategic ideas on how you can use it for your business.

For those who are less than familiar with Duda’s Widget Builder and want to know more about how it works, you can find an in-depth breakdown in this blog post by Duda Product Team Leader, Ronny Shapiro.

Custom IDX/MLS Widget

For a realtor, few things are more powerful than having searchable listings for homes in your area displayed directly on your website. IDX is an acronym that stands for Internet Data Exchange, and it covers the policies, standards, and practices which allow real estate agents to manage their properties from a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) across their websites.

While this may seem like something that is simple to build and deploy, stringent rules and guidelines must be followed, and these often vary according to the location of the real estate listings being displayed.

With the Widget Builder, you can to customize functionality to make sure that the widget you offer your realtor clients meets their specific needs and complies with any applicable rules and regulations.

Custom Live Feed Widgets

Let’s face it, we live in a world of social media. There are so many platforms that people use nowadays, it can seem somewhat overwhelming. Many of your customers will likely want to push their social media feeds directly onto their websites, and they’re also likely to want some custom features to go along with them.

Whether it’s a Facebook feed, Instagram feed, or some unknown new technology, the Widget Builder not only allows you to add the custom code or API call necessary for such feeds, but also gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of the element on the page in a simple to use, drag-and-drop widget.

CRM or Similar Platform Integration

There are many options these days for businesses to track and grow their customer base. With this myriad of options often comes the need for creative ways to integrate these third-party systems into existing websites.

Almost all of these of platforms have advanced API functionality that allows for just about any type of connection necessary.

For example, let’s say you’re setting up a Salesforce integration for a client. In the simplest of cases, a custom widget could be built to capture leads, customer information, or email signups and pass them directly into your customer’s Salesforce account. More advanced uses might include using a custom widget to allow the download of documents hosted in Salesforce directly from the website.

With so many options available in the CRM market, and so many use cases, the Widget Builder truly allows you to give your customers an integrated platform and website that meets their needs in ways they may have never have thought about before.

Live Chat Widgets

Real-time customer interaction can drastically improve the likelihood of a website visitor converting to a paying customer, and there are more ways than ever to easily add any kind of engagement tool to a website. While there are a lot of options for chat platforms, and a vast array of costs associated with them, there are some very simple and inexpensive options that can work perfectly well.

Facebook messenger is a widely used chat platform, and developers are scurrying to create Messenger Bots that allow customers to have online interactions, book appointments, and more. With the Widget Builder, you can quickly and easily create a Facebook messenger widget that’s accessible directly on your customer’s website.

Obviously, many other platforms can be integrated in a similar way. The big takeaway is: it’s now easier than ever to offer this functionality to your clients — and they’re going to love it.

Not a Coder? No Problem!

The Widget Builder is powerful and requires some knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript in order to use it to build widgets. If you aren’t comfortable working in these languages, it can make the task of building your own widgets somewhat daunting.

To overcome this challenge, we offer the Fulfillment Channel, a hand-picked group of partners that can help you create the widgets you want for your clients. The process is simple and easy, and less expensive than you might expect. For a custom quote on a project, simply contact our Pro Channel and see how they can help you build the widgets you need today.

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