18 Blogs to Read When Growing Your Digital Agency

By Ariel Rule

18_blogs_to_readStarting and growing your digital agency is tough. Whether you’re going at it alone or you manage a small team, there’s a lot to learn and even more to keep up with.

In hopes of saving you a bit of time and helping you find a new go-to resource, we wanted to put together a list of the best blogs to follow that will help inspire you as a business owner.

Below is our top choices. Enjoy!

General Marketing

Digital Marketer

When it comes to learning up-to-date marketing tips and execution, Digital Marketer is definitely an online resource you can’t afford to skip.

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Not only is the blog full of amazing content that can help you stay a step ahead, they also have free PDFs and in-depth courses along with a membership suite called DMLab to help closes any gaps in your marketing knowledge.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:


If you’re not on Hubspot’s email list, you’ll want to hurry on over and sign yourself up.

Similar to Digital Marketer, Hubspot covers a wide range of topics ranging from Social Media ROI to Inbound Marketing and quite a bit more.

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They have a huge Marketing Library full of free e-books and downloadable templates that offer a lot of knowledge and insights into just about every topic of marketing and design.

You could literally spend weeks in this one part of the website alone (although, I don’t recommend that).

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Neil Patel & QuickSprout

Let’s face it. This list wouldn’t be complete unless we included Neil Patel’s blogs: NeilPatel.com and QuickSprout.

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Whether you’re running a SaaS company or a digital agency, Neil’s blogs are a wealth of knowledge.

Both of his blogs cover up-to-date topics about general digital marketing.

Here are some must-read articles from the sites:

Neil’s Personal Blog


Smart Insights

Though most of the content on the site is related to general digital marketing tips, there are great resources in here that are specific to running and growing your digital agency.

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For example, the Agency Growth Management Toolkit is a great place to start you’ve hit a couple snags along the way in your business.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Agency Specific Sites

Jason Swenk

If you’re struggling to land clients, then Jason Swenk’s blog is for you. Jason has been an agency owner for more than 12 years and has built it into a multi-million dollar business.

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He knows the struggles agency owners go through and his blog is full of advice, templates, and other resources to help you start and scale a successful business.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Marketing Agency Insider

If you’re looking for another resource site with information aimed specifically at running an agency, then Marketing Agency Insider is one to add to the list.

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The man behind this blog is Paul Roetzer. He founded a well-grounded inbound marketing agency called PR 20/20.

His site is dedicated to topics about running, managing and growing a digital agency and he even has a course to help you along the way.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Duda Blog and Resource Center

Here at Duda, our customers vary from large directories to freelance web designers and all kinds of web solutions providers.

While we’ve built our responsive website builder and mobile site builder to help make creating mobile-friendly, responsive sites easier and faster, we’ve also dedicated time to creating in-depth content and white labeled resources that help our customers secure more clients.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.22.31 AM

Our Resource Center is packed full of design assets and sales collateral to help agencies in various aspects of running a successful business. And we cover multiple topics about growing your business.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Web Design

Smashing Magazine

When it comes to staying on top of web design news, Smashing Magazine is a great place to start.

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Whether you’re looking for a tutorial about coding or you want to spruce up your knowledge of the latest practices in UX design, you’ll find something worth bookmarking.

Blog posts aside, they also have some great books and ebooks to help you stay in the know with leading industry design.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

The Next Web

One of the best industry blogs for web design is hands down The Next Web (aka TNW).

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Although the blog covers a lot of tech related article, they also publish articles around web design that are top-shelf. You can see the design related content in the Design & Dev section of the site.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Web Design Tuts+

If you’re just starting out in web development and design, it can be hard to find helpful content online. Thankfully, Web Design Tuts+ stepped in and filled the void.

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They have thousands of tutorials that teach everything from JavaScript to CSS and beyond. If you want to brush up on some new skills, you’re sure to find more than one course or blog post to help you do just that.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:



Larry Kim is the mad scientist behind this business and PPC blog. Aside from a shared love of unicorns, Larry and I also share a love of awesome content, which is exactly what you’ll find on WordStream.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.24.01 AM

There’s a lot to love about this blog, including five courses on topics of digital marketing and PPC as well as a wealth of information in the form of webinars, whitepapers, and videos.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:


The Moz website has some of the best SEO-related content around.

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There are four blogs within the site itself and each one has a few things worth bookmarking. Rand’s Blog has very interesting insights and you can even contribute to the YouMoz blog, which could land your post on the main Moz Blog itself. 

Whether you like SEO or not, this is a must-go place so that you can keep up with what’s going on in SEO and online marketing.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:


Looking for actionable insights on SEO? Then Brian Dean’s blog, Backlinko, is the one for you.

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Even though the blog has less than 40 blog posts on it, it is by far one of the best SEO blogs around.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Search Engine Watch

Want a daily dose of SEO and Google? Then check out Search Engine Watch. The blog publishes articles every day on everything from local SEO to PPC and much, much more.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.25.32 AM

While it can be overwhelming to try and read every article they post (don’t overwhelm yourself here), there is a lot of information to help your digital agency stay current in the areas that matter most.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:


If you have yet to read this blog, you’re in for a treat. The SEOHacker blog was started by Sean Si, who also runs an SEO agency — not to mention his own SaaS company called Qeryz.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.25.52 AM

Sean and his team are very knowledgeable when it comes to digital marketing and their content shows it.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

Inside Google AdWords Blog & Think with Google

Keeping up with industry news is a must. With that being said, it’s always good to follow the blogs that set up the industry to begin with.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.26.05 AM

Think with Google is one of the best Google blogs to read and follow.

They have an amazing newsletter you can sign up to so that you’re always in the loop as far as what their studies are showing, what’s working and what’s changing. (Seriously, do yourself the favor of joining.)

On the other hand, the AdWords blog is right in the thick of all things Google PPC so if your business offers this service or uses it for business purposes, then it’s a must-read blog.

Insider Tip: AdWords has it’s own YouTube Channel with a ton of videos to help teach you the ins and outs of PPC, and then some.

Here are some must-read articles from the site:

That about wraps up our list!

We’d love to know what your favorite blogs are to read and follow, too. Are there any that you think we should add to the list?

Comment below and let us know.

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