10 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Duda Mobile Site

By Meg Hughes

Through beta testing, we’ve noticed a few key features and cool things our users might have missed. Before you create a mobile website with Duda (or before you go back to edit your Duda-made site), take a look at these 10 things you may have passed over.

1. Your mobile site is auto-synced to your desktop website

After creating your mobile website, you don’t have to worry about updating it. Any changes you make to your regular website are automatically updated in your mobile site.

2. We constantly add new templates

Check our templates selection frequently.  We are always adding new mobile website templates with different themes, especially for small businesses.

3. There’s an advanced editor

No, we haven’t been keeping it a secret. The advanced editor can be accessed through the tab at the top of the screen. With the advanced editor you can do a wide range of enhancements to customize your site. Like edit the underlying HTML and CSS of your mobile site

4. Upload your own background image

Along with changing the background color of your mobile website, you can also add a background image. This feature can be found in step 2. Customize your site, in the general design options section under the background tab.

5. We auto-save your work as you go

Looking for the save button? Forget about it. Our software is designed to automatically save your work as you go.

6. You can add a custom sub-title underneath your header image

Supplement your header with a small caption. This can be done in step 2. Customize Your Site. In the Design Options menu, select Header and enter your desired sub-title in Title text field.

7. iPhone users can bookmark your mobile website.

A feature was added on the features page which allows iPhone visitors to bookmark your mobile website on their phone. This feature is free for all users.

8. Create unlimited sites under one account

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of  websites under one account. Statistics for individual sites are available under the Stats tab on the top of the dashboard.

9. There’s a “send business info” via SMS feature

Make it simple for mobile site visitors to text your business info to themselves or others. This function is located in the Components section of the advanced editor.

10. Made a mistake? Reset your entire mobile website to the state it was in right after the initial conversion.

This can be done in the advanced editor. On the top navigation bar, open the advanced drop down menu. Select Reset Page Design to put your site back to its original state.


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About Meg Hughes

Megan Hughes is a Project Associate at Duda in the Palo Alto office. She spends the majority of her time reminding the marketing team what assets they owe to the partner sales team, and vice versa, bringing order and productivity to the Dudaverse. If she doesn't show up to the office for a few days, she is generally assumed to be volunteering somewhere in Africa.
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